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One of My Favorite Pass Times

One of my favorite pass times to do is look at anything fashion related. Whether it be clothes, makeup, outfit, you name it I’m probably going through it. Like the majority of America, I am subscribed to way too many online shopping websites (and some food related, Dominos ftw,) and am constantly checking these emails for the latest bargain. One click leads to another and then I find myself on Forever 21, adding twenty things into my bag that will probably remain there until they have expired and my bag is empty again. And then I’ll start all over, adding more and so on. We all do, it’s honestly a bad habit, but I really can’t help it. Occasionally though, If I really like something I’ll end up buying that one thing.

What Does It Mean?

So what does it all mean? Well, I also run a fashion blog , Welcome to my Closet, where I create looks for special occasions and talk about the latest fashion trends happening and how to get them for less. I also wanted to start reviewing the items I bought and letting other’s know if it’s worth the money, because lets face it, if there’s one thing we all love, it’s being told ahead of time about the usefulness of a product without splurging on it.


With this website, I wanted to combine my love for online shopping, reviewing items, and blogging outfits into one site. The Buying section of the website will be pictures and links of things I have added to my cart on sites and wouldn't necessarily buy but would still love to have if I could. A little inspiration into my taste in fashion, and if you like you could shop the links too! The Bought section will be my experience with new items I have purchased and my views about the item and if it was worth the lust. Lastly, the Blog will contain outfits I have created from items I have placed in my bag, bought and reviewed, and now demonstrate the way I will wear it or pair it.

Check it out: